Performing Groups (Cultural)

Belly Dance performer/instructor – Donna, Philadelphia and Bucks County, website, 215-208-2329 or email (Added 4/19/10)

Caribbean The Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness Dance Group of Temple University specializes in dances to Caribbean music. 845-313-7591 or email

Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet Theatrical partner dancing, 1850 - Present. 267-205-7064, website (updated 9/18/23)

The Colonial Assembly Colonial American dances from the 1700's. 610-623-1926 or website (updated 9/18/23)

El Raks Sa'id Flamenco, Bellydance and Egyptian Folklore Dance, 215-333-5642 or 201-876-9266

FiddleKicks Appalachian Clogging and other styles of percussive dance. 215-460-4397 or website.  Click here to link to a 3-minute video (Updated 8/5/23)

Germantown Country Dancers English Country Dances from the 1600's to Present. 610-623-1926 or website. (updated 9/18/23)

Griggstown Lock Rapper Team Rapper sword and other forms of English folk dancing and singing. 732-297-6281website (updated 9/18/23)

Handsome Molly Molly Dancing based in Princeton, NJ. website (updated 9/18/23)

Ione Nash Dance Ensemble & Skip Burton Heritage Drummers, Mixing African dancing and drumming with salsas and sambas of Latin America. 215-991-6530.

Janosik Polish Dance Ensemble Authentic Dances from Poland. Wednesday evening training class. 215-659-0917, [email protected] or website (updated 9/28/23)

Kingsessing Morris Men Traditional English Morris. Monday evening practice. website (updated 9/18/23)

Kulu Mele African American Dance Ensemble. Blends the traditions of West Africa and African America. 267-252-6366 website (updated 9/18/23)

Luna Negra, Latin dance company, specializes in Salsa, 215 638-0418 for bookings or to join, ask for Sonya Elmore.

Monique Legaré International Dance Company International Folk. 215-659-0917, [email protected] or consult web site. (updated 9/28/23)

PA Performing Arts Academy

Ritmo Latino Salsa Performing Team, 856-869-0010 (Added 1/10/06)

Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble 17th, 18th, 19th century Ballroom & Country dances, indoor & outdoor performances; 610-705-3568, emailwebsite (Updated 11/25/08)

Tarantella, San Salvatore Society Tarantella Dance Group, Aldo Cianciulli Director, 215-778-2705. (Added 11/28/07)

Vivaci Italian Dance Group. Contact Paul Torna for more information: 215-380-2768 or email (Updated 8/8/23)

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. 215-663-0294 or consult website