Trip to Grand Canyon, Zion plus Hoover Dam, Route 66, Las Vegas
Susan Anderson, Margaret Keiley and Nina Martin
July 7 to 13, 2004
Part 1: To the South Rim, Grand Canyon

After flying to Las Vegas to meet Margaret and Nina on a plane 12 hours earlier than the one
I booked by mistake, we headed off for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

In the Las Vegas Airport are a bunch of animals like
this snake, sculpted out of marble, rising from the
floor, and chasing kids!
We crept across Hoover Dam -- lots of traffic and
security checks.


We got off the interstate to check out the old
Route 66!

Arrived at the Grand Canyon South Rim
in time for the sunset!

On the rock ledges below, condors had flown
in to roost. They have been introduced to the
area and seem to be adapting well to the Canyon
as their new home. Most have been tagged
with numbers and radio transmitters. Here's a
postcard below showing the wing numbers!

The next day we began a hike down
the Bright Angel Trail into the
Canyon (watching out for
mule droppings!)


Working our way down.


This is as far as we went. As you see, it's a long way down
to the Colorado river. (I'm there on the right.)


Working our way
back up.


We took the park bus out to the western side of
the South Rim and rested at Hermit's Rest!
The building was designed by Mary Colter.