Trip: England with the Fiddlekicks
Susan Anderson
July 22 to August 2, 2004
Part 1: London and on to Exeter.

Here are several of us trying to stay awake
by taking a walking tour of London just after
we arrived. (Fri. July 23)

Mimi, I, Pat and Dave..

This was a GREAT idea.

Almost ready to call it quits.

The start of many flower pictures.

Stuffing the phone booth!

On a walking tour in Exeter
on Sat. July 24.

One of our first performances was at the Dartington
Cider Press Centre-- a shopping village.
Here's Alive & Kicking doing one of their dances.
(Sunday, July 25)
Here's the web site:
Dartington Cider Press Centre
When Alive & Kicking came to the states in 2002,
Linda was one of the members who stayed with us.
Here she is in one of the nice shops at Dartington.

Linda and Francis (a.k.a. "Fergie"),
the other Brit that stayed with us.
Group picture with members of Fiddlekicks and Alive & Kicking.