Trip: Termas de Chillan & Santiago, Chile
Don & Susan Anderson
August 6 to 16, 2004
Part 1: Termas de Chillan

After almost 24 hours of travel, we arrived at the Grand Hotel in
Termas de Chillan. Here's the view of the Andes from the hotel.

Some views of some of my favorite things:
Dessert buffet!

Chocolate swans.


Here's our waiter, Eugenio, and Don with
some other woman! Below: our Maitre'd.

Don near the new lift.
Notice the crowds!


Don (right) with Omar (a Chilano) and Vincente
Vera, the Olympic ski racer from Chile who
gives tours of the mountain twice a day.

Victoria and Omar with us at dinner.
Is she sitting on his lap?!

Here is Francesco who takes your skis out and
puts them on the snow for you, helps you put on
your boots and is learning English!
The "gang" getting ready for the tour. That's Omar,
the Bird, Alexandro, Vincente, Pablo and Don.
Alexandro is the head of entertainment at the hotel
and Pablo is the dad of the three kids we took on the
helicopter ride 3 years before. (We won a half-price
ride at Bingo!)

Had one morning of thick fog -- skiing blind!
After an overnight dump of snow.