Forty-One Years Dancing


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The team will be dancing at these events
Jan 1
Mummers Day Parade
Jan 27
1 - 3pm
Wassailing at
Terhune Orchards
New Jersey
Feb 4
Dickens Birthday in Clark Park



Not even the rain stopped the of Charles Dickens' birthday celebration as folks gathered at his
statue in Clark Park in Philadelphia on the first Sunday in February. The K-men have
been dancing at this event since his 200th birthday in 2012



The coldest Mummers Day Parade ever at a starting temperature of 9° F.
At least in wasn't snowing.
You can watch the team dance on Broad Street in Philadelphia by clicking here


Dancing Out at the Toronto Morris Ale in Canada
September 3, '17

A weekend of dancing with a dozen morris teams brought a lot of enjoyment to over a
hundred dancers and musicians. Kingsessing took the opportunity to share its new
dance, Silurian Kiss, with the wonderful tune by the same name written for it by Rik Bourne
one of the team's musicians.



Belmont Plateau, in Fairmount Park, at dawn




May Day at Belmont Plateau, in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Kingsessing and Renegade morris teams along with May pole dancers and many others
celebrating the begninning of planting season.


The Kingsessing Morris Men dancing at Bryn Mawr College's
May Day celebration about 7 years ago.



Mummers Day Parade 2017



Kingsessing made it clear that they did not appreciate the city telling
Mummers paraders how to behave when they danced out on Broad Street
on New Year's Day.
The team took 2nd place in group competition out of 13 entries. No prize,
just bragging rights.

Watch the Kmen dance in front of the judges at
the Mummers Day Parade


Listen to an Interview with Kingsessing, and Mike McGrath
just before May Day
, about 10 years ago on
You Bet Your Garden

on WHYY radio




Mummers Day Parade 2016

The Kmen's thematic dance in 2016 paired the destruction of the worldly traveling Hitchbot when it
came to Philadelphia during the summer and the Pope's good will visit to the city later in early fall.
Both visits were intended as something positive to benefit humanity and that was something
Kingsessing wanted to celebrate a little more.



January 25, 2015 Princeton, N.J.

Terhune Orchards held their annual Wassail event and both Handsome Molly and the K-men came
out to dance and wish the crops a great spring growing season as well as provide some entertainment for
the onlookers. As you surely are aware morris dancing is supposed to help everything grow larger.
One of the morris dancers wished everyone a good snowstorm and apparently from current weather
forecasts they'll have a lovely snowstorm at this point.

Dancing at Terhune Orchards







Borrowing the tune from the Monty Python sketch, 'I'm a Lumberjack', the K-men added
a new dimension to their annual participation in the Mummers Day Parade that had
spectators looking twice when the team pulled out bras to demonstrate part of the lyrics.

Watch the team dance and click below

K-men at the Mummers 2015


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    About morris dancing


Morris dancing originated in England about 800 years ago, before Christianity took a solid hold on the countryside. The dancing was done at springtime by the farmers to celebrate the planting season and the "rebirth" of life. The spirits of the sun, rain, and earth were called upon to be plentiful to the folk who worshipped them.
Kingsessing Morris Men springs from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas from where it began in 1977. The team's dancing was originally done in the springtime with vigor, in the hopes that the planting season will be bountiful, and that those who view the dance will have good fortune. Bells are worn on the knees to wake the ground. Through the years the dancing has evolved into a year long tradition, dancing for any festive occasion that could bring enjoyment
Traditionally handkerchiefs beckon the sun to shine, and the sticks chase the evil spirits from below to awaken the earth. The team dances primarily in the spring touring to parks, schools and the city; but also performs during the other seasons too at various festivities such as fairs, weddings, and get-togethers. The team dances regularly in the Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade, and lately in the Phoenixville, PA, Firebird Festival in early December.
The team is currently accepting new members who will be instructed n the styles of Bleddington, Ducklington, and Fieldtown traditions. Practice is on Monday nights from September through May near Ardmore, Pa.


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This is back in 2001, when the team danced at a public school in Philadelphia on May Day. Folks often ask why members of the team dance morris. Reasons vary but for just about everyone who does it the common theme is they're having fun.


Kingsessing History
May 1979

The team's first kit (uniform) sported knickers and suspenders. This was May Day
at Bryn Mawr College, as the team began their second year performing.